Blue Tango 


MAY 14 - 15, 2005


Rebecca Shulman is internationally regarded as one of the most influential teachers and dancers of current times. In the 1990s, Rebecca and Daniel Trenner ignited the growth of many tango communities across the continent as a result of their inspiring teaching, including at the historic Stanford Tango Weeks.  Their dance, grounded in the traditional roots of Buenos Aires tango, was flavored with dynamic creativity and an openess to explore non-traditional possibilities.

In NYC, Rebecca is the coordinator and co-founder of this country's most extensive tango program at Dance Manhattan.  She is also a co-founder of Tango Mujer, the famed all-women tango performance group.  Rebecca's "Follower's Technique" video is renowned, as well as her other instructional videos (see The Tango Catalogue).

Rebecca's creativity and improvisational skills are extraordinary.  She is highly sought after for her clear instruction on improvisation, technique, adornments and musicality, topics that will be covered in the Boston workshops.

It is a great pleasure to welcome Rebecca back to Boston.  This marks the 10th year anniversary since I first hosted her workshops in Boston.

On Saturday, come to another festive Blue Milonga, where Rebecca will be our special guest!

Rebecca's Bio   



6 Workshops
(Sat & Sun - 1.5 hrs each)

Topics to be announced.