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"La Leona del Tango"

Legendary Maestra
Graciela González

May 12-14

Boston Workshops
  - Antitécnica
  - Milonga
  - Tribute: Gems of Legendary Masters
- Follower Adornos

Blue Milonga Performance  May 12


Graciela González (Buenos Aires), a maestra of maestros, is among the first teachers of tango technique. She is internationally renowned for her innovative teaching and elegance in tango salon. Her students have become celebrated teachers, performers and dancers the world over.

APPROACH  (See also BIO and Videos below)
Graciela's pioneer work is the result of dancing with milongueros and years of dedicated study of body language. Her approach is to work with the sensation and body memory of natural postures. These form the basis onto which students superimpose"their own style".

A major tango figure for 30 years,  Graciela is the creator of internationally lauded seminars: Technique for Women (1994), Marking for Men (1995) and Antitécnica (2016).

Graciela will offer her signature Antitéchnica, an intense seminar for women, men & couples, a high spirited Milonga workshop and Tribute: Gems of Legendary Maestros.  Having worked with and partnered many masters, Graciela is a link to legendary dancers from tango's "Golden Age", and will share selected gems.  Finally, a special Follower Adornos workshop takes place Monday, for those who have taken the Antitécnica seminar.

Join us at Blue Milonga Saturday May 12: Performance - Graciela & Adam Cornett.
  DJ is
Gozde Colak.

This is a special opportunity to study with Graciela! 
by 5/9 for discounts.

Gracilia González




1:00 - 4:30 PM    A.  ANTITÉCNICA   (All Levels: Adv Beginners - Advanced)    
Intensive seminar for women, men & couples
Recover natural body movements, become conscious of what the body already knows; work with positions that are functional to form the basis of all that we do in tango.
* Wear comfortable clothes
    * Followers - bring flat shoes (or socks) and heels.

Saturday Night


8:00 - 9:20 PM   B.  Milonga!   (Workshop)
High spirited workshop on milonga traspié or lisa

9:30 PM - 1:00 AM   Blue Milonga  (Dance)
Performance - Graciela González & Adam Cornett
DJ - Gozde Colak  "La Musa"

Workshop B $35, Milonga $15, Both $40   
(Antitécnica attendees / Postdocs & Students $5 off above prices)

Tribute to Legendary Maestros
Discover gems of grand masters of tango
  (with videos)
The diversity and richness of tango of the "Golden Age" far surpasses what we see today.

Golden Age Tango (mid1930s- mid 1950s) involved the drive to create "unique" distinctive moves which dancers called one's own. With hugh numbers of dancers and a lifetime to develop skills, there was immense creativity.
Graciela is a special link to several of these grand maestros from the past.

1:00 - 2:30 PM      C.   Pupi Castello                                  (Intermed / Advanced)
Steps & Figures of a grand master

3:00 - 4:30 PM      D.  Selected Legendary Maestros:  (Intermed / Advanced)
              El Turco José, Juan Bruno , Cacho Pistola, Carlos Moyano


7:30 - 9:00 PM E. * Follower Adornos                        (Intermed / Advanced)
* (Special workshop for Antitécnica participants)















(Come 10 min early to register)

  At Door
Single workshop
(Except for Antitécnica)
$ 35
Any two workshops
(Antitecnica = 2 workshops)
$ 70

Each additional workshop

$ 30
*Weekend Special
(Workshops A,B,C,D & Blue Milonga)
$ 150
*Super Special
(All Workshops Sat, Sun & Mon & Blue Milonga)
$ 175

Postdocs / Student Discounts:  ($5 / $10 off workshop prices: $15 / $30 off *Specials)

Workshop Flyer

Refund request honored before 5/9  (minus $15 processing fee)


All Slots are Filled.

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SAT, SUN & MON  (All workshops except B) - Dance Union   16 Bow ST, Somerville.

SAT NIGHT  (Workshop B & Blue Milonga) - Avalon  345 Trapelo Rd, Belmont.

Graciela & Pupi

BIO - Graciela González

Dancing tango since 1988, Graciela's teachers and partners are the legends of tango.  Her most important teacher & partner was Pupi Castello, with whom she formed a 20-year  internationally lauded dancing and teaching collaboration.  Other maestros included Pepito Avellaneda, Antonio Todaro, Gustavo Naveira, Juan Bruno, Teté, Martha Anton y Manolo, El Turco José, Lampazo, Eduardo Pareja and Nito and Elba.

Graciela's teaching is the fruition of years of study of the language of the body coupled with her sensory experience from dancing with milongueros.  By analyzing how the body moved through natural positions, she developed a system of movement by which students can imprint "their own style".    

A distinguished maestra, Graciela has taught throughout Europe and South America, and also Israel, Turkey and the United States.  She has trained many professional dancers who teach and perform extensively around the world.  They include Lorena Ermocida, Fernanda Ghi, Elina Roldán, Corina de la Rosa, Florencia Taccetti, Analia Vega, Ramiro Gigliotti and Tomás Howlin (who have all taught in Boston) and also Mora Godoy, Vilma Vega, Nancy Lousan, Karina Romero and many others.


Selected Videos:

1. Graciela & Pupi Castello  (~1998-1999)   Germany   (Pugliese)
     Elegance, smoothness of turns, musicality & precision of steps, along with Pupi's signature front-to-back partner embrace are all visible.  (Pupi passed away July 2007.)

2.  Graciela & Pupi Castello  (1991)         Argentina   (D'Arienzo)
     An earlier performance at the Teatro de la Provincias.

3.  Tribute to Graciela - 20 Years of Tango  (2008)
     Montage of Graciela with distinguished partners past & present.

4.  Graciela & Marcelo Varela  Milonga (2012)

5.  Graciela & German Ballejo Vals (2013)  Rome Tango Festival  (German is World Tango Champion 2017)

6.  Graciela - Adornos
  Codigo de Barra - Videos de Milongas y Exhibiciones

7Graciela - Adornos  (2012)  At Nora's birthday party, Palo Alto, CA

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